Why you should never buy seeds from Gorilla Seeds

I decided it is time to do a review on Gorilla Seeds after receiving poor quality seeds and also not receiving an order. They have also created a new website which leads me to believe they are trying to trick people into thinking they are dealing with a different seed company. The new website is Killabeez Seed Bank I have occasionally purchased seeds to check the quality for myself so I can let my followers know what I think. Well the last time I purchased from The Gorilla, which was about 2 years ago, non of the seeds germinated. And I follow all of the best techniques for germinating seeds. It isn’t rocket science. If you have good seeds, put them in a paper towel, add water and within a few days your seeds will sprout roots up to an inch long. Then all you do is plant them hydroponically or the good old fashioned way, in the dirt.

Recently I decided to check their quality again to see if they have improved. I also wanted to see if I would even receive my order since there are several comments on The Gorilla’s website from customers that have never received their orders or have received seeds that do not germinate. Of course there is a warning on their site that the seeds are not for growing purposes but rather for you to store in your seed bank in case the laws ever change and you can legally grow your own weed. Well that time has come to many places around the world and in the USA.

So anyway, here is what has prompted me to review Gorilla Seeds. I have read several comments on their site from people that have not received their orders. Apparently some of these are big orders for lots of seed and besides not receiving their orders they are also out sometimes hundreds of dollars. Lucky for me my latest order was a small order so I’m not concerned about the money. But it is very irritating that they would put Money Gram as an option for payment but they are saying they can’t pick the money up. At first I was told that they couldn’t get to the Post Office. Huh? Things are done differently in the UK so it appears the Money Gram goes to their local post office. Here in the USA, Planet Earth there are a variety of places you can go to if you have a Money Gram sent to you such as Kroger. So after several attempts to contact Andy aka Chaten Patel I was told that the post office was asking too many questions and it was just too complicated so he quit trying to pick up the money. I tried to cancel the money gram but it shows that it has already been picked up. I don’t understand that. Then I called an tried to get a refund and after too many questions I was told I would need to call another number to request getting my refund. It really is too much of a pain in the ass.

Another option for payment is Bit Coin. Have you ever used bitcoin? OMG!! It’s a fricking nightmare!! Everytime I have used Bitcoin it has been one of the biggest most complicate hassles I have ever experienced. If you can get through the process it will take a as long as 2 weeks unless you are a regular user of bitcoin with an account holding plenty of coin in advance.

They also have the option of paying in cash. I think you would be just as well to burn your money because you will never see it again nor any products.