Missing Bengal Cat

On September 22, 2017 my Bengal went missing. He is about 18 months old and his name is Mystre Jimmy. I hate to think that my neighbors would take my cat and then possibly sold him or maybe gave him away to someone else but I can’t help but feel that is what happened. Maybe just a coincidence but they were moving in around that time and for some reason Jimmy was staying away from the house for as long as 24 hours at a time. He would come home and eat and sleep for a few hours and disappear again. I was thinking about locking him indoors for a while but thought about it just a little too long. I was also planning to have him chipped but put if off a little too long also. There was a lot of noise from kids playing outside which I think may have gotten his attention. I have a sign in my yard with his picture and posted a reward of $200 if he is returned. Approximately 2 weeks after he disappeared I received calls from 2 different Animal Rescues asking about him. One of them was River Valley Humane Society and I decided to check out their FaceBook page. I was surprised and shocked at the same time when I seen a picture of a Bengal that had been posted by someone from Lagrange Kentucky. I immediately upon seeing that photo knew it was my Bengal. Fortunately for them he was found a day later and returned to them. I tried to intervene to see if I could take a look at the Bengal and ask them how long they had him but for some reason the post was immediately deleted. Maybe because they had found their cat or maybe because they didn’t like me asking questions because they know it is my Bengal. I had saved a copy of the photo before it was deleted but that was all. If only I had saved the names of the people involved but I wasn’t expecting the post to be deleted. Several people have compared the photo to photos of my Bengal and they are more than 100% sure that it is the same cat, my missing Bengal. Below I have some photos of Jimmy along with photos of the cat in Lagrange Kentucky. If you click on the photo it will bring up a large view of the photo.
*Update January 16, 2018
Since Jimmy went missing I have continuously search for him and posted ads everywhere imaginable. The photos and information have since been shared by hundreds if not thousands of people. One of the post has lead me to believe that a person in Buckner Kentucky has Jimmy and I’m very close to finding out exactly where they live. Information that I have found along with comments that they have made about me just gives me a very strong feeling that they have my Bengal. It appears they have or had family that are or were in the veterinary business and they also foster lost pets. I really think this person has my Bengal but I don’t have enough evidence to pursue approaching them but I’m getting there. I have their mailing address but it is a P.O. Box so I need to check other resources to find out exactly where they live. So I’m hoping that where ever Jimmy is, one day he will manage to sneak out the door again and the right person will find him so he can be returned to me.

Lagrange Bengal Spots My Bengal’s Spots
Sign in my yard Close up of rosettes and stripesLagrange Bengal
Jimmy in my kitchen Jimmy on my swing
Jimmy’s favorite place
Big Yawn LOL
Too much fun
Joey, Jimmy, Charlie Some Privacy Please
Jimmy’s neck and chin
Jimmy 3 months old
Compare the spots Taken by person in Lagrange
Taken by person in Lagrange

If you are missing a pet one of the best places I have found for spreading the word is Pawboost.com. I chose the $49 option and my post was shared and seen by hundreds of people. Although Jimmy is not home yet I feel that there is a good chance of him eventually being found and returned to me. Another excellent site is PetFbi.org. This site has a large database of pets that have been found. Facebook is also good for spreading the word if you are missing a pet. Just go to the search box and type in “Humane Society” and you will most likely find Humane Society pages for your area.