Medical marijuana classification?

why should it vary? if it makes you feel good it must be good medicine, right? I have never had withdrawals when I run out but let me tell you something about pain pills. First off, if I had known this years ago I may have never started taking them but when you have polio you hurt, or at least I sure do. Two years ago I was taking 320 mg of oxy a day along with zanax and other meds. After taking these for several years I started feeling really bad and decided to pretty much go cold turkey and quit my pills. Yeah, it’s been just over two years and I am just beginning to feel normal again and doing things. I can’t begin to explain how messed up I was besides the fact that I really wanted to kill myself. If not for a conscience and having a family I probably would have. and I really understand now why heroin addicts don’t stop. but what I meant by what I know now is how pills alter your brain and make you not feel pain. I used to ask my doctor about how the pills could work and make the pain in certain areas of your body not hurt. he would try to explain except he never explained about how they were actually affecting my brain and not my body. I’m sure heroin must work in the same way, it alters your brain but most people that use it only know that they are getting high and feel good. and when they try to stop they never realized how hard it would be and how long it would take or maybe they would have just kept smoking and left everything else alone. but then again I know there are many that get started from taking prescribed pain pills like I did.

To be honest I never thought I would ever get back to where I am now but I have to say I’m not completely pain pill free. And I think my body or I should say my brain has finally adjusted to the low dosage I’m on now.  I am taking 3 x 20mg. oxys a day along with the 37mg Tramadol. I was determined to do without pain meds but as I mentioned I do have polio and my legs are pretty messed up because of it. I did go several months without pills but I couldn’t do much more than sit and watch TV all day. If I’m going to get up and do something then I’m going to hurt and if I’m going to hurt I have to have some relief. Years ago I use to smoke a lot of weed and I was fine but my employers started doing random drug test and I had to give it up.  I’m permanently disabled now so I don’t have to worry about an employer drug test but now I have to worry about the doctors drug test. I’m sure most people know that now if you are going to take narcotics then you are going to be drug tested by your doctor. But I would love it if they would finally just legalize cannibis so I could go back to smoking and completely quit these damn pain pills. It would be so nice if I could just have a couple nice smelly skunk weed plants growing in my greenhouse and be able to self medicate.

It would especially be nice since my wife is getting ready to retire from her job. We have great health insurance right now but this fall will have to get prescription coverage through Medicare and the biggest problem is going to be the cost of the oxys. Even just the 20mg pills will cost $500 a month. Not sure what my cost will be but it wont be cheap. Bach when I was taking the 80mg pills, the retail cost was $1800 a month!! Although I can probably manage I’m already preparing myself mentally to quit taking the oxys when this insurance change takes place. I’m figuring my doctor can increase the dose of Tramadol which actually they aren’t much more than strong Tylenol anyway. And since they are considered the same class of narcotic I won’t have to be drug tested any longer so maybe I can work on some ‘alternative pain relief’. Know what I mean? LOL

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