Time for change

Something needs to change but of course it never will. I believe that there are more people in our country that would be great Presidents but instead of qualification it comes down to who has the most money. I think of when I was young learning about our Presidents and thinking that they must be like “Super Humans” or something like that to be able to run our country and make all these decisions, to have all that power. And then one day as I got older it’s kind of like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real. Oh, you didn’t know, sorry. LOL. Yeah the Presidents, the candidates, the nominees, etc. are just people. They don’t know all that you think they know, they are just better bullshitters! It’s the one with the most money behind them that will most likely become a President. That seems even more obvious these days. It use to be that we had at least a few good people running for President that at least sounded sincere and like they could do great things for our country. Now I look at the people running for President and just SMH. And I think, OMG, we are in big trouble! As of right now I can’t say there is one person running for President that I would vote for. And once again if you look at the runners who is in #1 position? Trump, the man with the most money. What a joke! Then #2 is HRC if I’m not mistaken, and she probably has the most money raised which puts her in second place. What makes her qualified to be our President? Just because she can baffle people with bullshit? Oh shit, the 49’s and Seahawks are playing! GTG

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