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Does anyone really read any of my post? It makes me sad to think that I may be the only person reading my post. If you read this would you kindly leave a comment. If people are not reading my post then what I would like to know is why am I getting approximately 500 new registered users everyday? What purpose does it serve? I know that most of them, probably all of them, are using my site to post links to their own websites and products. Track back I think it is called but if everyone is doing the same thing, possibly through use of a robot, and no one is actually reading any of the post except for myself, LOL, how can you benefit from it? Oh well, it’s time for me to go do some painting. Interior house painting which I’m not too fond of but it is for my daughter. She just bought her first home and doesn’t like the colors in the living room so I guess I can struggle through it. After all, I am so proud of her!! She is only 24 years old, she is a registered nurse and just bought a home all on her own. If I could have had my shit that together at 24, WOW, where would I be today? Hmmm, probably right where I’m at, LOL. Gotta Go!!! This is me looking at youIMG_3743-1

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