Marijuana stock trading account

I have thought about creating a group or club account for trading in marijuana stocks. There is such a thing and it is legally binding. You basically need a group that is willing to each invest equal amounts, say $100 each. If you had let’s say 12 people willing to join that want to invest in marijuana stocks they could probably buy a million shares of one company or split it up, diversify as they say, and buy several different companies. Personally as of today I have one million shares of MLCG and maybe 50000 of PURA. I bought PURA at 0.0594 cents and it is up 22.66%, it closed at 0.078 cents today. That may not seem like much but if you own several thousands of shares then it adds up. I own 19000 of PURA so I have a profit of $260 on a $1126 investment. I own one million shares of MLCG that I bought for $640, really cheap. I paid 0.0006 a share for 800,000 and 0.0008 for the remaining 200,000 shares. If that stock should ever hit 1 cent I will have a profit of $99,360.00 If it makes it to $1 a share I will have $1,000,000.00 (That’s one million dollars!) and that’s what I am counting on. And I feel very confident that it will happen. It may take months of waiting but these 2 companies are partners in business and I believe that what they are getting ready to market in will do really good and pay day is coming.
But besides all that, I’m serious about this group account. It is a legit way for some of you people to get in if you don’t have enough money or knowledge to do it on your own. I don’t think I want to be a part of it but I would be willing to help out. Shoot me an email to if your interested and if enough people contact me I’ll about setting it up. There is nothing in it for me, I’m not a broker nor an advisor. I’m just a fellow stock trader that finds this marijuana stock business very interesting. It’s more like playing the lottery to me but I think the odds are more in my favor playing this game.
Have a great day! Denver “NotBob” Eldridge

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