Learn how to trade stocks

In my research for marijuana stocks I am constantly seeing comments from people that want to know how to get into trading stocks, mainly marijuana stocks. I have commented several times on the basics and how easy it is but I realize that it always seems easy to those who know how. I first started learning how to trade stocks 20 years ago. I was mainly interested in learning about commodities likes silver, gold, corn, wheat, etc. I read all the free material I could find but it wasn’t until I ordered a paper training course that I finally started understanding what the stock market was all about. But probably the worse part of learning was not having enough money to open an account with a stock broker. Things have change a lot in 20 years and I think there are brokers where you can actually get started with a couple hundred dollars. When I started I couldn’t find anywhere to sign up for less than $5000 and it took me several years to finally manage to have $5000 to put into an account. It also had to be $5000 that I could risk losing which was a really scary thought. I’ve come a long way since then and although I’m not rich or at least not a millionaire I am at a point where I can buy and sell several thousand dollars worth of stock in one day. And I think I’m pretty good at it! Most of my purchases are long positions for stock that I know is on a bull run. After a few days when I think the stock has peaked I’ll sell and take some profits. I’ve also learned to watch for stocks to plunge shortly after I buy and to get out fast. Don’t worry about losing a few hundred when it could easily turn into a loss of thousands.

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