Trading Stock is Easy

People need to quit making stocks so difficult. You don’t need an advisor, in fact the people I have paid have caused me my biggest losses. If you have money to open an account do it and then start buying and build from there. Something as simple as Ford. When I first bought Ford it was $8, now it’s $12 and been higher plus you get paid dividends. I don’t remember where EXPD was, less than $20, now $54. I learned by reading a lot. I use Scottrade and it only cost $7 each time I trade. And this isn’t an advertisement 🤓

One thought on “Trading Stock is Easy”

  1. I subscribed to The Fools for a few years and in fact I am still a subscriber but only until my account expires. Some time ago they recommended two stocks and carried on about what an opportunity they were. So I got in both of them, I think somewhere in the $20 to $30 range on each. At first they done well but then the price started going down. But they kept recommending to hold on to them because they would eventually recover. Well here a few months ago they were finally down to about 1/2 of what I had invested and I couldn’t take anymore. So I sold them both at a loss and reinvested that money. Since then I have recovered my losses and then some. One thing I read when I first started learning about trading stocks was to learn to make your own trades, do your research. If someone else is in control of trading your money they’re not worried about losing it because they’re still getting paid by you, they still get their fee. So learn to make your own decisions and when you pick a winner it’ll make you feel good. And when you pick a loser you will learn from it.

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