What is your favorite Marijuana stock?

If you have a favorite stock, leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. I have started compiling a list of marijuana/cannabis stocks but I’m not even close to having all of them. The ones I have listed are just the ones that came up first so I’m thinking they are the most popular. I do know that several of these stocks I have listed are names that I constantly see in the news and being talked about on financial websites. Today’s winner or at least the most shares traded is CBIS aka Cannabis Science Inc. The stock is trading at 0.0928 cents a share which is up from recent trading. There has been approximately 88 million shares traded with an average of just over 38 million shares traded in 100 days. That’s a lot of trading! A few weeks ago I purchased 60000 shares of CBIS and maybe I should have held on to them but I sold them within a few days at a loss of maybe $100. Today I’m kind of regretting that because it’s looking like I would be about $1800 ahead. But I started reading everything I could find on CBIS company and I didn’t like what I found. Personally I think it’s just a matter of time before they fail and I’m fine with just getting most of my money back out of my trade. I would say today’s surge in price will be short lived and probably by the weekend there will be a lot of people taking profits which means they will be selling and then the price will most likely drop back to 6 cents or somewhere around there. FYI: I’m not an advisor, I’m just an individual stock trader but I do trade stocks quite often and have been for nearly 20 years. With all the craze over marijuana stocks I enjoy watching where the prices are heading and trying to make a few bucks in the process and also letting my readers know what I think and what my experiences have been. I am in no way giving advice to anyone else and if you invest according to anything you have read here you are on your own.I will say that if I had a goal here it is to keep people from losing the little bit of money they have thinking they will get rich buying a few hundred bucks worth of penny stocks. It’s not too likely to happen. When I bought 60000 shares of CBIS I had intended to buy another 40000 to put me at 100000 shares. That’s not a big investment when you are only paying lets say 5 cents a share. My thinking was like this at first. I thought CBIS looked like a really good company and if they kept doing good and eventually hit an unrealistic price of $10 a share my investment would be worth One Million $$. That sounds great but yeah, I won’t go into detail but I didn’t like what I read in the SEC filings, annual, quarterly reports, insider trading, etc. I’ll leave that to you to do your own research and come to your own conclusion. But here is just a few basic things I have read on several of these new companies, is that they are focusing on certain products, they are researching products, yet they have no actual products yet and have none or very little revenue yet. And some of these companies have actually been in business for several years. Well that’s enough on that for now. Have a Great Day! Denver

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