Medical Marijuana

Yeah, I bought medical marijuana today and you can too! Spoiler Alert! You/I can’t consume it. Bummer!! Well hopefully it won’t end up being a bummer. I bought some stock in a company that produces (CBD) and other products containing CBD hemp oil. But with so many new companies popping up thinking they are going to become rich and famous it was hard to pick one to invest in so I basically did a throw a dart to pick one. Well I did a little more than that but still it’s really hard to pick one right now. I’m pretty sure there must be 100’s of start ups on the OTCBB market. When I first started searching I put in CAN and several companies related to cannabis came up. Then I tried Hemp and got many more results. So after a couple days of watching the volume of traders, the prices, looking at the company net worth, etc. and probably more focused on what their product is I thought a company producing CBD might be a good place to put my money. And one good thing right now about most of the companies is you can get in cheap unless you want to invest a lot of money. I bought 2000 shares of MNJA for roughly $250 so it’s a small gamble to me. I have lost a lot more than that in one day at the casino. So I’m anxious to see where it goes. If the price should double real quick I might get out, take my profits and reinvest somewhere else or just stay in and hope I picked a winner.