Marijuana stock trading account

I have thought about creating a group or club account for trading in marijuana stocks. There is such a thing and it is legally binding. You basically need a group that is willing to each invest equal amounts, say $100 each. If you had let’s say 12 people willing to join that want to invest in marijuana stocks they could probably buy a million shares of one company or split it up, diversify as they say, and buy several different companies. Personally as of today I have one million shares of MLCG and maybe 50000 of PURA. I bought PURA at 0.0594 cents and it is up 22.66%, it closed at 0.078 cents today. That may not seem like much but if you own several thousands of shares then it adds up. I own 19000 of PURA so I have a profit of $260 on a $1126 investment. I own one million shares of MLCG that I bought for $640, really cheap. I paid 0.0006 a share for 800,000 and 0.0008 for the remaining 200,000 shares. If that stock should ever hit 1 cent I will have a profit of $99,360.00 If it makes it to $1 a share I will have $1,000,000.00 (That’s one million dollars!) and that’s what I am counting on. And I feel very confident that it will happen. It may take months of waiting but these 2 companies are partners in business and I believe that what they are getting ready to market in will do really good and pay day is coming.
But besides all that, I’m serious about this group account. It is a legit way for some of you people to get in if you don’t have enough money or knowledge to do it on your own. I don’t think I want to be a part of it but I would be willing to help out. Shoot me an email to if your interested and if enough people contact me I’ll about setting it up. There is nothing in it for me, I’m not a broker nor an advisor. I’m just a fellow stock trader that finds this marijuana stock business very interesting. It’s more like playing the lottery to me but I think the odds are more in my favor playing this game.
Have a great day! Denver “NotBob” Eldridge

Trading in penny stocks

It took me years to get started mainly because I didn’t have money LOL seriously but I think I finally got started with $2500 and opened an account with I think you can open an account with less though. The one thing I was told is to learn to do your own trading and that is why I like I buy and sell stock quite often and never talk to anyone but it isn’t the easiest thing when it comes to penny stocks. It is easy once you know how but if looks and sounds very complicated. Scottrade has all the information on how to place trades and once you have an account they have everything for tracking stocks that you will ever need. And I’m sure they will guide you but they don’t place trades for you. If you want in on the penny stocks you can get started cheap. I bought another 10000 shares of PURA today for $590 (0.059 cents a share) and I now have 1,000,000 shares of MLCG but it is only 0.0008 cents a share. You can buy 100,000 shares for $80 plus a commission of about $9 There are a lot of penny stocks and trying to pick and buy one is the hardest part for me. I bought and sold a few different marijuana stocks and made a few bucks but I finally feel like these two I own now are really set to be money makers. They are in the news and involved in starting a cannabis related tourist business.
If this shows up I’ll try to explain a limit trade. You would first select Buy. The next option is “Shares” which is the amount you want to purchase. Let’s say 100000. The next option is the Symbol of the company. I will use MLCG which is the Symbol for ML Capital Group Inc. The next option is Order Type. For penny stocks you have to choose “Limit”. Don’t ask why, it gets complicated. So, now that you have selected “Limit” there will be another option which is the price you want to pay. Today MLCG was trading at 0.0008 cents a share. Just to make it simple you would enter that price. The next option is the Duration. You can enter “Today” and if your order isn’t filled by 4 PM it will be cancelled. Or you can enter “GTC” (Good Till Cancelled) and you order will stay open until it is filled which could be the next day or several days but you can always cancel it if you choose to before it is filled. Once you have done that you will click on “Review Order” and you will get a chance to verify your order. If you like what you see that you click on “Place Order” and in most situations your order will be filled in a matter of seconds or minutes.

I hope this helps everyone trying to learn how to get into the marijuana penny stocks. But please be sure and read my terms policy. I’m just providing this info as a free advice and in no way advising you on what stock to buy, which broker to use, etc. Don’t trade using money you can’t afford to lose because penny stocks are especially risky business.

Learn how to trade stocks

In my research for marijuana stocks I am constantly seeing comments from people that want to know how to get into trading stocks, mainly marijuana stocks. I have commented several times on the basics and how easy it is but I realize that it always seems easy to those who know how. I first started learning how to trade stocks 20 years ago. I was mainly interested in learning about commodities likes silver, gold, corn, wheat, etc. I read all the free material I could find but it wasn’t until I ordered a paper training course that I finally started understanding what the stock market was all about. But probably the worse part of learning was not having enough money to open an account with a stock broker. Things have change a lot in 20 years and I think there are brokers where you can actually get started with a couple hundred dollars. When I started I couldn’t find anywhere to sign up for less than $5000 and it took me several years to finally manage to have $5000 to put into an account. It also had to be $5000 that I could risk losing which was a really scary thought. I’ve come a long way since then and although I’m not rich or at least not a millionaire I am at a point where I can buy and sell several thousand dollars worth of stock in one day. And I think I’m pretty good at it! Most of my purchases are long positions for stock that I know is on a bull run. After a few days when I think the stock has peaked I’ll sell and take some profits. I’ve also learned to watch for stocks to plunge shortly after I buy and to get out fast. Don’t worry about losing a few hundred when it could easily turn into a loss of thousands.

The Grinder

I was doing more research on marijuana related companies and I came across this handy little grinder. I was seaaching to see how Vapor Group, Inc.(OTC Pink: VPOR) is doing in the market and found that they have changed to NewGen Concepts, Inc.. The company has a subsidiary, Total Vapor Inc. that is a distributor of this handy little grinder that you can see in the YouTube link above.
The company is a Micro cap in the 5 million dollar range. There last stock price was 0.0012, down just a little from the 52 week high of 0.0022 on October 7, 2016

Trading Stock is Easy

People need to quit making stocks so difficult. You don’t need an advisor, in fact the people I have paid have caused me my biggest losses. If you have money to open an account do it and then start buying and build from there. Something as simple as Ford. When I first bought Ford it was $8, now it’s $12 and been higher plus you get paid dividends. I don’t remember where EXPD was, less than $20, now $54. I learned by reading a lot. I use Scottrade and it only cost $7 each time I trade. And this isn’t an advertisement ?

What is your favorite Marijuana stock?

If you have a favorite stock, leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. I have started compiling a list of marijuana/cannabis stocks but I’m not even close to having all of them. The ones I have listed are just the ones that came up first so I’m thinking they are the most popular. I do know that several of these stocks I have listed are names that I constantly see in the news and being talked about on financial websites. Today’s winner or at least the most shares traded is CBIS aka Cannabis Science Inc. The stock is trading at 0.0928 cents a share which is up from recent trading. There has been approximately 88 million shares traded with an average of just over 38 million shares traded in 100 days. That’s a lot of trading! A few weeks ago I purchased 60000 shares of CBIS and maybe I should have held on to them but I sold them within a few days at a loss of maybe $100. Today I’m kind of regretting that because it’s looking like I would be about $1800 ahead. But I started reading everything I could find on CBIS company and I didn’t like what I found. Personally I think it’s just a matter of time before they fail and I’m fine with just getting most of my money back out of my trade. I would say today’s surge in price will be short lived and probably by the weekend there will be a lot of people taking profits which means they will be selling and then the price will most likely drop back to 6 cents or somewhere around there. FYI: I’m not an advisor, I’m just an individual stock trader but I do trade stocks quite often and have been for nearly 20 years. With all the craze over marijuana stocks I enjoy watching where the prices are heading and trying to make a few bucks in the process and also letting my readers know what I think and what my experiences have been. I am in no way giving advice to anyone else and if you invest according to anything you have read here you are on your own.I will say that if I had a goal here it is to keep people from losing the little bit of money they have thinking they will get rich buying a few hundred bucks worth of penny stocks. It’s not too likely to happen. When I bought 60000 shares of CBIS I had intended to buy another 40000 to put me at 100000 shares. That’s not a big investment when you are only paying lets say 5 cents a share. My thinking was like this at first. I thought CBIS looked like a really good company and if they kept doing good and eventually hit an unrealistic price of $10 a share my investment would be worth One Million $$. That sounds great but yeah, I won’t go into detail but I didn’t like what I read in the SEC filings, annual, quarterly reports, insider trading, etc. I’ll leave that to you to do your own research and come to your own conclusion. But here is just a few basic things I have read on several of these new companies, is that they are focusing on certain products, they are researching products, yet they have no actual products yet and have none or very little revenue yet. And some of these companies have actually been in business for several years. Well that’s enough on that for now. Have a Great Day! Denver

Real men get tested

Is that what the commercial says? Since tomorrow is MLK day and the stock markets are closed I decided to comment on a personal problem but one that affects 1000’s of men every year, Prostrate Cancer.

Yeah, I recently found out I have prostrate cancer, again. What really sucks is that this will be my second bout with it so I’m not sure what to expect. I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2007 and went through external radiation therapy. I had 45 treatments over a 9 week period and it killed the cancer. But I knew there was always a chance of it returning and it has. So now I have fewer options for treatment but I will be getting shots that should keep the cancer from spreading for a few years at least.

You can definitely say it is a family tradition too. My father died of prostrate cancer in 1997, he was 75 years old. Just a couple years ago my oldest brother, Kenny, found out he had it and he went through the radiation therapy. So far he is still cancer free. Today I talked to one of my younger brothers, Jim and found out his PSA is up to 10.8 but he doesn’t have cancer. I have to be a pessimist but I said, not yet. He probably has prostatisis but his Doctor doesn’t seem to know what the problem is. With numbers that high I’m sure it is just a matter of time and he will have cancer. And I have one more brother, Tim, him and Jim are twins. I think it was about a year ago that Tim said he had prostrate cancer. Well I don’t know what was up with that but not longer afterwards he stated that the cancer was gone or had gone away. Lucky Tim! LOL

Anyway, that’s why I say real men get checked. If you are a older man, 40 or so, you best be getting checked regularly. Prostrate cancer can be treated and is not a death sentence if it is detected in the early stages. And even though this is my second time around fighting it I fully expect to live for several more years thank to the drugs and other treatments that are available. I will be getting shot of Enzalutamide along with shots of Leuprolide which focus on lowering the amount of testosterone that your body produces. Testosterone is basically what the cancer feeds on so by starving the cancer you can keep it from growing and spreading. Sounds good to me! And it definitely sounds like a better alternative to being castrated, you can go that route if you would rather not get the shots. Not for me! Also, you can have your prostrate removed. Once again, not for me! One of the bad side effects is incontinence and I’m not into wearing Depends, not for me!!

Attention Indiana Residents

Indiana: Pending Legislation Seeks to Provide Medical Marijuana Access

A Senate lawmaker has reintroduced legislation, SB 255, to regulate marijuana access to qualified patients.

The measure, sponsored by Democrat Sen. Karen Tallian, establishes a statewide medical marijuana program to permit qualified patients — including patients with arthritis, migraine, PTSD, and seizures — to legally obtain cannabis products and to engage in cannabis therapy.

Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have enacted statewide provisions allowing patients access to cannabis therapy. Indiana patients deserve these same protections.

For more information, please contact Indiana NORML here or visit their Facebook page here.

Additional information regarding statewide efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana is available from Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis, which may be contacted vis Facebook here.

Medical Marijuana

Yeah, I bought medical marijuana today and you can too! Spoiler Alert! You/I can’t consume it. Bummer!! Well hopefully it won’t end up being a bummer. I bought some stock in a company that produces (CBD) and other products containing CBD hemp oil. But with so many new companies popping up thinking they are going to become rich and famous it was hard to pick one to invest in so I basically did a throw a dart to pick one. Well I did a little more than that but still it’s really hard to pick one right now. I’m pretty sure there must be 100’s of start ups on the OTCBB market. When I first started searching I put in CAN and several companies related to cannabis came up. Then I tried Hemp and got many more results. So after a couple days of watching the volume of traders, the prices, looking at the company net worth, etc. and probably more focused on what their product is I thought a company producing CBD might be a good place to put my money. And one good thing right now about most of the companies is you can get in cheap unless you want to invest a lot of money. I bought 2000 shares of MNJA for roughly $250 so it’s a small gamble to me. I have lost a lot more than that in one day at the casino. So I’m anxious to see where it goes. If the price should double real quick I might get out, take my profits and reinvest somewhere else or just stay in and hope I picked a winner.